Susan G (Providence, Rhode Island)
I did a lot of research on cork flooring before finding Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations). I went to several flooring stores and studied their cork selections. I read home decorating magazines regarding cork flooring. I researched all the cork flooring manufacturers I could find online. I found the flooring store prices to be out of my price range, yet the same cork online was reasonable. Since I wanted to do a checkerboard pattern in my kitchen, I was looking for 12" cork squares in contrasting light and dark shades. I found everything I was looking for with Flooring Store Online. They had a great selection of colors, they had the size I needed AND they were priced within my budget. I ordered cork swatches (came right away) and I made a few calls to the company regarding the product and installation. I have nothing but the highest praise for this company. John answered every question, responded to messages right away and was always helpful and pleasant. They were all about customer service. The cork was shipped when I was told it would be shipped and in perfect condition--always unexpected and a nice surprise. The installed floor looks fabulous and everyone comments on it when they come into my house. I love the warmth and softness of the product--I love everything about it, in fact. I couldn't have been happier with Flooring Store Online and I would definetly recommend it.

Christian C (Bayside, New York)
The floor turned out really nice. Better than we had hoped. We did the install ourselves and it was rather simple. I do wish I spent more time on the finishing touches though. Next time I'll pay more attention and spend the extra time.

Lori A (Hopewell Jct., New York)
I put in a large floor (19x32') in my photo studio. The underfloor is concrete and the cork over it makes it comfortable to stand for long periods and for clients! So many people have commented positively on it. I would do it again.

Vanessa L (Miami, Florida)
I'm thrilled with the cork I ordered. It arrived in perfect condition and super fast!! Thanks for your amazing service and promptness. I will certainly use Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) again.

Eric B (Santa Clara, California)
We ordered the floor from your website with absolutely no problems. We installed it ourselves per the instructions in about 6 hours, totally easy. 7 months later with two dogs running around the house and no issues with the floor, looks great. We definately will use cork for future projects. Many thanks!

Reggie C (Dallas, Texas)
We love our cork floating floor for our bar in Dallas Texas. The customers love the flooring and we feel it adds a great ambiance to our establishment. We were concerned at first with how the floor would stand up to heavy foot traffic, spilled drinks, bar stools and high heels but with regular maintenance the floor still looks great.

Reggie Cooper
General Manager
IV Lounge

Nyna P (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
I'm delighted with your service. The contractors haven't quite finished our floors, but along the way various crises have sent me back for additional boxes several times. Thanks.

Mark D (Columbus, Ohio)
We wanted something unique and different for the wall area in our newly remodeled bar. Local businesses didn't carry any cork product - none, zilch, nada, zero! I "googled" on the Internet and researched several suppliers. Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) not only carried a very broad selection of what we wanted, the prices were great and the service was surprisingly personal (it wasn't all Internet and E-mail, we actually had phone conversations about delivery and advice on installation). The convenience of the Internet coupled with the personal service of the old time local hardware store. I'm keeping Flooring Store Online in My Favorites file.

BTW - our bar look incredible!!

Adam D (Santa Barbara, California)
We received our order today and it was in good order. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and your constant updates. It was always reassuring, especially after having ordered flooring over the internet for the first time. Your service was amazing, pricing was great and ordering was easy. With all you offer, your value is unsurpassable. If any of your clients need a reference please have them call me directly. I only wish all my suppliers provided the service and value that you did. Thank you again.

Adam Diskin
DH&G, L.L.C.
Insite Builders
Insite Homes
Insite Housing Partners
DH&G Properties

Andrew S (Baltimore, Maryland)
Pricing was very competitive, products and service was first rate. I was especially pleased with the assistance in determining all neccessary components for our installation needs.

Don T (Monroeville, Alabama)
Dealing with the staff at Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) has been one of my best internet experiences ever, my orignal shipment of 50 boxes of APC cork flooring arrived with some damage to six of the boxes. Corkinnovations responded immediately to my call and had six new boxes shipped to me within 48 hours. Every phone call and every email to this staff was returned ASAP and all of the many questions I had were patiently answered. This company had the best price I could find and a very reasonable shipping charge plus great service....I highly recommend Flooring Store Online.

Jennifer G (San Clemente, California)
As a Pilates instructor we were looking for a floor that would hold up in a busy studio environment with large heavy equipment. After installing the flooring and adding several coats of polyurethane we have not had any problems with it in the last 3 years. The clients love it and cleaning the floor is very simple with a damp mop. This has been a perfect floor for our needs.

Robert B (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
The cork was delivered promptly and looked exactly as pictured. We used it in a SPA room and it looks wonderful. Our only problems were with the type of adhesive. There seemed to be as many opinions as experts. At the time it seemed that you did not sell the type you recommended for glue down tiles over plywood. We eventually did find it and it seems to be working fine.

BB F (Austin, Texas)
Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) offered the highest quality cork flooring at the best price, with on-time shipment and delivery. Customer service is excellent. The cork was easy to install and is a big improvement over the thin, worn carpet that previously was in our playroom.

I was very happy with my transaction with Flooring Store Online. You guys run a good, honest operation with great service.

Lauren H (Washington, D.C.)
Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) was a pleasure to deal with! My shipment arrived quicker than I expected and without damage. I even spoke to them over the phone about installation and in only one evening, I had installed a cork plank floor on my back porch complete with proper underlayments. Thank you for your guidance and customer service!

John S (Huntington Beach, California)
Thanks for all of your help with the APC cork flooring. I really appreciated your responsiveness and helpful tips. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

Steve S (Twin Cities, Minnesota)
I've attached some photos of my project. The details aren't done, but I've received tons of compliments! The first 3 pics are of the 'finished' results, the last picture is the before. As you can see, I've used your product in an unconventional method, but all and all I am very pleased with the results. The product was extrememly easy to instal, and I think the thing I enjoyed the most was the ability to finely trim the planks with my utility knife.

Terry G (Manitowoc, Wisconsin)
Thank you Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations). Our project is almost complete. The floor is in and looks great! I was pleased with the product and service and we may redo a family room in cork this next year so will keep you in mind. We will send photos soon

Jeffrey L (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
My contractor found the cork floating strips easy to install and they look great. We have received many compliments on the floor, which is in our kitchen. It also cleans up well. We are very happy with it.

Lawrence S (Los Angeles, California)
The cork arrived undamaged and we used a water-based contact cement by DAP to adhere it to a luan/ mohagany plywood subfloor. I took the whole day to do 120 s.f. because, once applied to the subfloor and tiles, the cement took 40-45 mins to set up. So we did a row of about 11 tiles every hour [with about 12 rows]. We j-rolled the tile and once we had a good amount laid down we used a 100 lb. roller to really flatten it. The next morning we rolled the floor again with the 100 pounder and the remaining air bubbles popped out. It remains in place and very attractive as we continue to complete the casework around it.

Thanks again for your advice. You were extremely helpful for a first-time "corker".

Trevor and Anne T (Birmingham, Alabama)
I ordered five boxes of Apollo Ebony APC Cork flooring from your site. Your price per square foot was slightly more expensive than your competition but with shipping your site still ended up being cheaper.

I received promt and courteous e-mail messages letting me know my order shipped within about 24 hours of placing my order.

Once I received the order a couple days later I noticed one of the boxes had some type of oil substance that had seeped through. Upon further inspection it seemed it went right through the box and was soaked up by the cork, causing it to warp.

I e-mailed customer service immediately and they shipped out a replacement box the next day.

Your quick and friendly service will keep me coming back to Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) for all my cork flooring needs.

Thank you

Roger P (Lyndora, Pennsylvania)
Floor is already installed, quite easy actually and looks great. Thanks for all your help, service was great.

Diane T (San Clemente, California)
A VERY HAPPY CAMPER: When friends first hear about my cork floors, they tease about Post-Its. But when they see them, they ask where it is available. My initial interest in cork floors was for the cushioning for my bad knees. Carpet hides nasty critters. Cork with padding was the next most cushioned material, and healthier. At a noisy design center I walked into a room with cork floors, it was as if I'd walked into a quiet chapel. We dropped a quarter, little noise. Drop a quarter on other floor coverings... clang, clang. Cork 12"X24" planks are now installed in every room of our home and office, even all the closets. I love everything about it. It quiets a room and looks beautiful, almost like leather. Some hardwood-like floor coverings are actually photos of wood--yuck. Cork is real, and harvesting encourages forestation.. The water-based sealant didn't bother my allergies either. It feels comfy to sit and stand on, never cold. Cooking is more enjoyable as my knees don't hurt as they did with stone. Even 10 heavy screw jacks during reconstruction never made a mark. It's difficult to cause a gouge but a dab of Old English Scratch Cover fixes them. Friends with hardwood battle scuffmarks. Not me. I wouldn't trade cork for any other surface, even if it were free.

Mike M (Tampa, Florida)
I appreciate the speed and quality of your customer service. You get my five star rating!

Victor A (Austin, Texas)
We are extremely pleased with the cork we purchased from Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations). We had never seen the cork in person and were pleasantly surprised by the quality and appearance of the product. The cork is comfortable, but we'd recommend an additional cork underlayment for added comfort. This was an ambitous DIY project by our standards, but was surprisingly simple. Importanly, the personal service and guidance was superior to any other retailer with whom we have worked. Thanks to Flooring Store Online -- not only the best service, but was also the lowest price!

Kathy T (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
Working with Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) was truly a pleasure. Our kitchen floor is stunning.

Kevin H (Gaithersburg, Maryland)
It was a pleasure doing business with Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) and I've already recommeded you to others.

Dan B (Twin Falls, Idaho)
As a builder I knew very little about cork flooring. I thought about using it in a limited way as a test but after talking to Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations), I decided to install over 1700 s/f of cork in a single spec. home. We recently sold the home and the new buyers were so impressed, that they requested an additional room of it. I definitely would install there product in my own home.

Maureen C (Buffalo, New York)
Our cork floor is awesome. It was incredibly quick and easy to install. Especially compared to a traditional hardwood floor. There was also less mess and wasted material. It's so warm and cozy in our bedroom, the New York winters don't seem so cold. I may have to put it through out my house.

Flooring Store Online (formerly Cork Innovations) has great, friendly service. Our delivery came quicker than we had anticipated, and the customer service was helpful providing installation pointers for our beautiful floor. The whole process was a snap!