BonaTech PREP Recoat Adhesion System

Manufacturer: APC Cork , Item Number: Apc_A7007

PREP is a specially formulated recoat adhesion system for all types of polyurethane finished hardwood floors. BonaTech® PREP conditions and prepares the existing finish to optimize adhesion of the new coat of finish.

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BonaTech TRAFFIC 1gal

Manufacturer: APC Cork , Item Number: Apc_A7006

BonaTech Traffic brand wood floor finish is the latest generation of waterborne polyurethanes utilizing BonaTech technology. Traffic is a 2 part mixture that requires shaking before adding hardener and will last approximately 4 hours. If you need to mix more Traffic, you may stop at a board seam and then continue from there. Bona offers it own applicator which can be purchased at your local hardwood flooring store or you may use a Shur-Line applicator(synthetic sponge with 1/8"hairs on it). You may also use a sheepskin applicator but this will decrease your s/f coverage due to the absorption of the applicator. DO NOT USE A PAINT ROLLER. This will leave air bubbles on the surface. You do not need to screen between coats if you apply your second coat before 48 hours has elapsed. Typical coverage is 350-400 s/f per gallon. Drying time is 2-3 hours and percent cured is as follows: 24 hrs-75%, 72 hrs-90% and 100% cure is after 1 week. PLEASE READ ALL MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS BY CLICKING ON VIEW PRODUCT SPECS BUTTON. NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM

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