Wall Tiles Come In 3 Thicknesses:

  • Acoustical Cork Tiles .5 inches
  • Tackboard Tiles .25 inches
  • Standard Tiles .125 inches
cork underlayment

Cork Tiles Used For Bathroom Walls

Instead of using the standard cork wall tiles, this customer has used glue down tiles in their bathroom renovation. Like standard wall tiles, a clean surface is needed to properly adhere the tiles to the wall. We typically recommend using a contact cement that will create a instant bond between the cork and the wall. Once the tile is stuck to the wall go back with a small hand roller and make sure air bubbles are pushed out and there is a solid bond to the wall surface.

cork underlayment

This Cork Wall Looks Like It Is Right Out Of A Catalog.

Not sure if this is a real home or for a catalog but the style is impeccable, even down to the pair of boots and pair of vases on the shelf. One thing that is never mentioned when installing cork wall tiles is that the smell it gives off is amazing. It is a very earthy tone that makes you think about the great camping adventure you had when you were a kid and being out in nature. Beautiful installation on this renovation.

Jelinek is well-known in the industry for their years of support of renewable products and for educating the public on the benefits of using renewable products.

Choose A Cork Wall Tile That Is Perfect For Your Home