Glue Down Cork Tiles Are Made Of Solid Cork

This eco-friendly flooring can be used in any room of your home and can handle heavy traffic like any other hardwood product. Cork tiles come in a variety of colors from dark brown, to natural tones and creme colors to work with any interior design themes. Because tiles are made of solid cork, they can installed in a variety of patterns or mixed with other colors to create intricate patterns which is perfect for kitchens and entry ways.

Glue down tiles when properly finished with several additional coats of polyurethane will handle wear just like any other type of hardwood flooring. However, if you drop a heavy object on a hardwood floor or a cork floor it will dent or damage both types. If your floor does get scoffed up looking we would recommend applying a chemical abrasive and then applying several more coats of finish to make it look new again.

To find out more information about cork tiles and to see if it is right for your home please visit the following cork tile articles.

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FREE Samples

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

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Penny Cork Mosaic Tiles

Sliced wine bottle corks with mesh backing is installed with mortar and grout

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Glue Down Cork Tiles

Tiles are made of 100% cork, solvent free and are extremely durable.

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