The Richness of Mosaic Tiles Made with Natural Stone Tiles

So many people love to watch shows like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or “Cribs” to see the opulent glamour of celebrity homes.  With the addition of mosaic tiles made of natural stone tiles, you add a splash of glamour to your home. Opulence is not out of the common man’s reach. 

Mosaic tile designs can be incorporated into any room of your choosing.  Stunning mosaic visual displays can greet visitors as they walk into your entrance way.  Let’s not forget about the patio. You can effectively bring a bit of sophistication to the outdoors with a beautiful wall or floor mosaic. If you prefer to keep the enchantment all to yourself, a lovely mosaic made of stone tiles in your master bath can be both a romantic and sophisticated touch.  Even the walls of your kitchen can benefit from a built in work of art.

How to Clean Travertine Floors 

When learning how to clean travertine floors, follow these very simple steps to keep your floors looking great and looking new. You will find protecting your floors can be tricky business if you're not careful.  Travertine is very susceptible to wear and tear, and as such, needs to be cared for properly.  

Travertine, by nature is a soft material, lending itself beautifully to the crumbling elegance of historical buildings such as the Coliseum. What a coupe it would be to have the very same theatrical elegance in your very home. Once installed, the key to keeping your stone flooring looking opulent is by caring for your travertine properly by following a simple daily and weekly cleaning regimen.