Repairing Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

Water damage to hardwood floors can be caused by any number of circumstances, from children consistently getting out of the bathtub without drying off, to a leaky dishwasher, to an outright flood from a broken pipe. Whatever the reason for the discolored or disjointed floors, the first step to fixing the problem is always to act quickly.

The Basic Facts of Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for quality, and a timeless, classic feel, then wood is an easy choice for your home. With its wide range of color and wood choices, it is an easy way to add charm and elegance to any setting. 

Hardwood flooring has long been associated with taste and classic strength. With a long tradition of offering beauty, durability and ease of care, it is a natural choice for homeowners looking to add value and style to any part of their home. The wide range of choices for surface, composition, stain and type of wood can make choosing a style as simple as a finding what best suits your needs, budget and interior design.