Speaking of kids, using this material will give you the flexibility to redesign or redecorate your child's room in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks.  The ability to tack or place things on the walls without causing damage can give you access to any theme you can imagine, from a John Deere decked out room for the aspiring farmer to a space themed room for wanna-be astronauts. As the kids get older (becoming the dreaded teenager), they can decorate their room in their own personal style and taste without costing you a fortune. And once they leave for college, it is easy enough to undo the damage and decorate with some a bit more tasteful than Pitbull or Justin Bieber. 

Cork wall sheets are an environmentally friendly, or green, building material and according to the Cork Institute of America (yes, there is such an organization), this renewable material that does not leave bare fields or acres of deforested land behind.  Harvesting is done by hand and with extreme so the tree is not damaged and provide up to a 100 years of bark that can be used for flooring or cork wall sheet.

Any local home repair and improvement store will carry them and it is a simple material to work with, easy to cut and install.  These ease of installation, even for the novice handyman or woman, makes for yet another attractive feature. They are typically glued to plasterboard or fiberboard with an industrial adhesive or contact cement.  

Versatile, cost effective and easy.  No matter what the room or the situation this material can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary.