Using Cork Wall Sheets In Your Home

Cork wall sheets (also known as cork wall paneling) are a reasonably priced and attractive alternative to plain walls. When you think of them, it conjures up images of schools with walls filled with tacks and assorted papers and signs posted on them, or perhaps the walls at a hospital, filled with medical information, public service announcements and nurse rotations.  But nowadays, they are being used in homes.

One of the main reasons cork wall tiles have seen a surge in popularity with this material is the price.  In a word, they are cheap, particularly when compared to other more expensive materials, from the ultra modern polycarbonate sheets to the slick and European spa look of glass or slate wall tiles.  When the economic downturn hit in 2008, it hit all sectors of the market, including home repair and improvement.  Consumers looking to give their wallet a break should look into them.  And knowing the material is cheap will make it an ideal choice for a kid’s room.  Kids can be hard on a wall, and the low cost of cork, plus its ability to double as a giant bulletin board, will give you peace of mind when you hear the kids in the next room tearing things up, running around, or basically being just kids.