We have many customers who specifically seek out cork flooring after suffering from arthritis and other painful joint debilitations

While cork flooring has been around for centuries, new versions are allowing architects, designers and home owners to discover new benefits, particularly for those people experiencing joint and knee problems. Flooring Store Online new selection of attractive, thicker, low impact cork tiles from APC Cork and Jelinek, that reduce joint impact and are a great alternative to hard tile and pollutant attracting carpet.

The surface of tile floors can be hard on joints. For people with arthritis, chronic pain, or knee or back injuries, standing for long periods in a kitchen, bath, or laundry room can be an uncomfortable experience. Carpeting, while softer than tile, is often created with glues that contain toxic chemicals. In addition, carpeting can attract and hold indoor pollutants, such as pet hair and dander, dirt and mold.

Cork flooring, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic, and because 90% of the tissue consists of gaseous matter, the density of cork flooring is extremely low, giving the materials wonderful insulating properties. When cork floors are subjected to pressure, the gas in the cells is compressed and volume reduces considerably. When released from pressure, a cork floor recovers very rapidly to its original shape. These unique shock-absorbing properties ensure that cork flooring is more comfortable to walk and stand on.

"We have many customers who specifically seek out cork flooring after suffering from arthritis and other painful joint debilitations," says Flooring Store Online CEO John Countryman. "We carry a variety of colors, grades, and thicknesses of glue down cork tiles and underlayment. This allows our customers to select tiles that can make them more comfortable and match their personal design style."

"My initial interest in cork floors was for the cushioning for my bad knees," says Flooring Store Online customer Diane Titterington. "Carpet hides nasty critters. Cork with padding was the next most cushioned material, and healthier. It feels comfy to sit and stand on, never cold. Cooking is more enjoyable as my knees don't hurt as they did with stone."

The soft give of these new cork tiles make them perfect for high traffic areas in the home including the kitchen, where it can help protect falling glasses from shattering, as they might on a tile or wood floor. Cork flooring is equally beautiful and soothing in yoga and Pilates studios, physical therapy offices, retail stores, and retirement communities.