Cork Flooring Concerns

Cork is considered a natural, environmentally friendly flooring option that has gained popularity with home and business owners over the past decade. It is valued for its distinctive looks, its resistance to different types of molds, fungus, bugs, and even fire, and its ability to absorb heat and sound. In addition, cork’s cushioning properties make it a favorite of persons who suffer from arthritis and other joint pains. Though there are many positives about cork flooring, it is important that you also consider the concerns about cork as a flooring choice before committing to it for your home or office.

New Thicker Glue Down Cork Tiles Lower Impact on Joints and Knees

Flooring Store Online new cushioning cork tiles and underlayment help provide pain relief to customers suffering joint and knee problems. The soft give of these new cork tiles make them perfect for high traffic areas in the home including the kitchen, where it can help protect falling glasses from shattering, as they might on a tile or wood floor. Cork flooring is equally beautiful and soothing in yoga and Pilates studios, physical therapy offices, retail stores, and retirement communities.

Comparing Eco-friendly Flooring Options for Your Home

Hardwood floors can be beautiful and durable.  But more and more people are finding that environmentally friendly options are best when choosing materials for renovations. They are using more renewable and recycled floor materials and selecting items based on how it affects the environment.

Flooring manufacturers are paying attention. Due to customer demand, there has recently been a huge increase in eco-friendly flooring options for homeowners. Even home builders are beginning to recognize the selling points of environmentally friendly flooring, as well as the long term benefits of building with eco-friendly supplies in place of traditional resources. 

Some of the choices available for homeowners and builders looking for eco-friendly building are unique and exciting new products that show real promise.

Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cork Flooring

Research has determined that cork flooring is a durable and eco-friendly material that is competitively priced with other types of flooring that is available in the market.  While those claims are true, before you make your final decision on what to purchase, you may want to explore some research on its disadvantages. 

Remodeling your home is so exciting! There is nothing like starting with a fresh slate and creating something beautiful you can truly call your own. When considering cork flooring for your home renovation, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype.  

Of course you have read all of the articles singing the praises of this renewable resource.  When you read the sales pitches from the manufacturers, of course they're going to tell you all of the benefits but there are some things that they may not tell you.  How much do you really know about this product? Let’s make this a little easier on you, the consumer, by providing you with some of the disadvantages of cork flooring and help you make a good decision.