There are many things that makes this product an environmentally smart choice. This plant or grass has a rapid growth and regeneration. Since it is technically a grass and not a tree, it sends shoots and leaves above ground much sooner in its lifespan than do tree type plants. Because it’s a grass, the plant itself doesn’t die when harvested, but instead keeps growing from the same root system. This makes it the ultimate renewable resource since it takes as little as four to six years before harvesting which uses far fewer resources to grow. 

As well as faster growth rates, the plants have a much higher carbon sequestration rates, due to their much faster growth rate. One acre sequesters far more carbon dioxide yearly, compared to the same acre of forested trees and can generate at least 35% more oxygen compared to the same number of trees.

Bamboo flooring is often stronger and more durable than traditional hardwood flooring, due to the flexibility of the stalk which is designed to bend and move with the wind, unlike trees. This flexibility is very helpful in maintaining durability for home flooring needs. 

When this material was first being manufactured, many producers used dangerous and harmful chemicals to bleach and strip the shoots during processing. These chemicals were extremely harmful to the environment, and over time, largely due to demands of the customers and advances in technology, modern day producers of this product have found far more environmentally friendly ways to manufacture it into flooring. Products made from bamboo are now among the most eco-friendly and environmentally sound alternatives you can purchase on the market today.

Much like other flooring options, this flooring is available in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Unlike wood from a tree, the shoots can be cut on the horizontal, producing a rustic, earthy product perfect for a casual or country environment. Planks are available unfinished, for a blonde, very natural appearance that can simply be sealed to preserve the light color or choose a wide selection of colors and stains that come prefinished from the manufacturer. 

No matter your flooring needs, bamboo flooring can meet them with an eco-friendly and economic product that you can feel good installing in your home. Durable and long lasting are its trademarks and will provide many years of maintenance free care in any room of your home.