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Trail Mix

Combines a variety of wood species to create a unique mixture of colors and grains



Easy To Install

Installation is very easy and tiles come in unfinished, satin and are paint grade



From The Barn To Your Home

Tiles are available in 4x4, 2x8, 2x2 and 4x8 with a variety of finish options



Bring Some Ranch Home

These wood tiles can be used for a focal wall or wood tile back splash


Wall Tile Blog

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Barn Wood Tiles

Finding reclaimed or recycled products for my home has always been a passion of mine. When you are working with reclaimed barn wood tiles, the age of the material makes such a difference in the the patina. The dents, gauges and scratches are what make recycled products interesting and one of a kind. Buying pristine materials always looks so fake, as if you are trying to hard to and was never a natural fit with me. Everitt and Schilling Tile, a company based in Colorado focuses on up-cycled and re-claimed wood tiles to be used for back splash and accent walls. This is a great DIY project because of its easy installation and can make a huge difference to the feel of any room.


cork underlayment

Country Cabin and Trail Mix

Trail Mix by Everitt & Schilling is made from discarded wood by cabinet and mill artisans and was selected to be used in a our lake side home by our designers. Flooring Store Online offered us the exact products we were looking for and walked us through the very simple installation instructions. As Trail Mix was installed in our study and sitting room, it was a perfect fit for our modern rustic feel of our home. This wood is a beautiful complement to the stone work throughout the home and helps connect our goal of combining our two different aesthetics.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Tile Installation

Everitt and Schillings reclaimed barn wood tiles are perfect for homeowners who are looking for renovation project. The installation of these wood tiles are simple, do not require any tools and can be done in a single day. Once you receive your boxes of tiles, we recommend you mix them up randomly so your size and colors create a non uniform look. You may want to create a staging area, where you have flipped over all the tiles so the backs are facing up, so you can apply a liberal amount of poly urethane based construction adhesive to each piece.

To begin your installation, you will want to start with a cut or a full tile and create a level first row that you can build on. We recommend a offset brick pattern where you center the top tile tile over the joint line of the below row. Throughout the rows try to mix the grain of each tile so that they are horizontal, vertical and horizontal, etc all the way across the row. Continue this process for each row until your wall is complete.

To view a video of the installation process Click Here

From Barn To Wood Tile

Everitt & Schilling Co. is a Colorado based company whose mission is to travel the rugged plains and mountains of the American West looking for old barns that show the character and history of our country.

The current collection of tiles are from a bees wax finished barn in the rugged plains of Wyoming, and has the beautiful color of honey and black over tones from the harsh exposure to the Laramie wind and western winters. Build near the turn of the century, this barn has stood the test of time and stands in the long heritage of rugged individualism and frontier character. The life of a working ranch is evident in every grain in this Laramie 1886 reclaimed tile. Our designers and craftsman are always on the hunt for interesting materials that can be repurposed to bring out new beauty in a tired material. We spend our efforts on finding old barns and beams to help create the most interesting and unique look available in wood tiles anywhere.  Each of our tiles are named for the area it was taken from and from the location it was found. they are limited quantities and totally one of a kind providing you with a link to heritage and history no one else will have.

Watch A Video On The Process Of Making Our Tiles